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365+ types of ice cream under one roof

Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate – as a sundae, please. You’ll probably hear this at every ice cream parlour. However, the ice cream factory EIS-Zauberei at Rheinsberg is an exception – because there, everything is a little different!

Whoever looks at the comprehensive calendar of culinary delights, will discover a different, magical and extraordinary type of ice cream for each day of the year. The smallest EiZ manufactory of the world® has more than 365 flavours up its sleeve. The ice cream is prepared individually and freshly right in front of the eyes of the hungry customers. With an organic base ice cream, fresh ingredients according to your choice and a little bit of “magic”, the team creates the most interesting flavours.

Everything but ordinary

Behind fine-sounding names such as „Sindbad“, „fire pot” or “thunder & lightning” there are surprising combinations with curry and chocolate, strawberry and Tabasco or garlic and horseradish. The ingredients originate predominantly from local producers. The ice cream manufactory abstains completely from artificial flavourings and colouring.

Such a colourful variety of flavours asks for a presentation medium just as colourful. That’s why the EIS-Zauberei enhanced its equipment with an atento canopy tent 2.3×2.3 m with sublimation printing. With a weight of only 19 kg, the mobile promo tent can be transported easily and quickly – thanks to the small packing dimensions, a normal car is sufficient.

Discover the magic

The EIS-Zauberei has now countless types of ice cream under one roof for outdoor events and presents itself professionally at trade fairs, company anniversaries and other occasions. Why don’t you visit the smallest EiZ manufactory of the world® and be enchanted by the icy creations!

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
Canopy tents by RUKUevent

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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