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Filmrolle mit den einzelnen Schritten aus dem Kurzfilm von atento.

atento, Take 1 – and Action!

Did you ever wonder what makes our atento - folding tents so unique? Is it the quick, intuitive set-up which can be carried out within only two minutes with no more than two persons?

Or maybe the various customization and equipment possibilities, which transform our tents in your very own advertising medium? Or is it due to the comprehensive service offer – starting from expert advice up to after-sales service and repairs? We could continue this list all day…

Ausschnitt aus der Filmrolle mit dem Aufbau

The main actor: atento – DAS Faltzelt

So, what exactly is the reason for this uniqueness? Just watch for yourselves! Together with a professional film team, we fathomed, why one of our folding tents is the perfect choice for you! Already during the last summer, the motto was “And Action!” – on our company grounds in the Hessian Dornburg, our product was staged perfectly. The camera accompanied us behind the scenes and recorded everything that speaks for our tents – starting from the quick set-up up to the simple transport and the different equipment options.

Ausschnitt aus der Filmrolle, der den einfachen Transport zeigt.

The result speaks for itself – our new image film with the main actor for your indoor and outdoor events – the atento – folding tent! Right in time for the new year’s start, we’d like to present this highlight – watch the film here.

Roter atento Faltpavillon von RUKU der Größe 3x3 m.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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