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Bavaria’s emergency service: The Bavarian Red Cross

If you become involved in an accident in Bavaria, suffer from a sudden feeling of faintness at an outdoor event or simply donate some blood – eventually you will get in touch with the emergency service of the Bavarian Red Cross. With approximately 43,000 volunteers, they are the “spine” of the BRC and they are at your service anywhere and anytime.

atento – multi-faceted rescue helper

The volunteers have to fulfil many different tasks: medical treatment, disaster control organisation, finding missing persons or organising events where you can donate blood. While facing such a diverse range of tasks, it is essential to provide equipment, which is as diverse as the tasks – the helpers know that very well. That is why they chose atento to be their “helping hand”.

Whether as food station during rescue missions, as coordination central during city festivals or for your own presentation – our atento folding tents offer the right preconditions in any situation.

Signal effect

The vibrant red colour of the tents in combination with the typical BRC printing is eye-catching from the very first moment. The visitors of the weekly market at Pfaffenhofen – better known as “Dult” – were attracted instantly by the information pavilion of the BRC in order to get to know the dog unit and to get some information concerning the work of the helpers.

The folding tent was also used successfully as a shelter during Barthelmarkt – the biggest fair of the region. There, the tent was the coordination center for all missions and at this point, the members of the BRC received some of the festival visitors.

Finally yet importantly, the pavilion was used repeatedly as supply center during real missions and emergencies. The BRC provided all rescue workers with a warm soup and during a lengthy rescue mission of the fire brigade; the atento folding tent was a reliable partner. Erected in no time, the folding tent attracted thirsty firefighters.

We are sure that the eye-catching atento folding pavilions of the BRC will face many more missions and we are happy, that we could be of help to the helpers!

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
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Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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