• German brand quality
  • Maximum safety
  • 100% customizable

RUKUevent brand promise

Thanks to first-rate materials and outstanding workmanship, folding furniture sets and canopy tents by RUKUevent are extremely robust and durable. They’ll fulfil their purpose – for decades.

The staff of RUKUevent takes the contact details of a customer.
  • We keep our promises!

    With professional expertise, long-term experience and our passion for quality, we want to set benchmarks at the German market. Several decades of experience concerning the manufacturing of table and bench sets as well as 25 years of experience when it comes to producing canopy tents make our products a real classic of modern event equipment.

    RUKUevent – more is impossible!

  • German brand quality

    The basis of each and every canopy tent are 25 years of experience,continuous development and innovative product improvements. First-rate materials, best processing quality and countless customisation options make the canopy tents a unique representative platform for your events.

  • Brewery quality since the 1950s

    Behind our original RUKUevent folding table and bench sets, there is a long success story.We’ve been producing top-notch folding furniture since the 1950s in best brewery quality. These many years of experience when it comes to wood processing, comprehensive know-how and a steadily growing spirit of innovation bring our products to the highest level. We still uphold the high quality standards set by Rudolf Kurz in 1852. We only process selected materials of top quality.

  • Quick & simple set-up

    Our products can be assembled quickly in a simple way.

  • Set-up without tools

    Set-up and dismantling of our products work unaided and without any tools.

  • No loose single parts

    Our products do not consist of any loose separate parts, which could be lost.

  • Waterproof and water-resistant

    Canopy tents
    All canopy tents are 100% waterproof. This means that you will always stay dry underneath your canopy tent when it’s raining.

    Folding table and bench sets
    Due to our special UV-varnish, our furniture sets are water-repellent and thereby also suited for outdoor use.

  • UV-varnish of our folding tables and benches

    The patent-registered surface treatment includes a three-layer UV-nano-varnish. Due to this breathable, environmentally-friendly treatment free of solvents, the surface remains easy to clean and soil-resisting. The varnish does not peel off and is very UV-resistant.

  • High level of customisation

    We offer the maximum advertising effect! Apart from the most diverse printing techniques, our printing facility with the graphics studio next door offers countless design possibilities for canopy tents and table and bench sets.

    • Icon: grooved aluminum profile

  • Stability canopy tents: octagonal aluminium profile

    The high-quality octagonal aluminium profile with a frame thickness of 43mm and a wall thickness of 2.4 mm guarantees maximum stability. Due to this well-developed construction, we enhance the stability.

  • Stability folding furniture: C-profile

    Thanks to the new, innovative C-profile, the stability of the base frame is increased by up to 20% compared to conventional base frames. This increases the buckling resistance as well.

    • Icon: Canopy tent sustainability

  • Sustainability

    The high proportion of processed aluminium gives the canopy tent model max with its sophisticated aluminium structure a special degree of sustainability.

  • Certificates

    International certifications (TÜV-certificate, classification of fire behaviour according to EN 13501 – 1:2007 + A1:2009, classification B – S2d0) are characteristic features of our products.

  • RUKUevent - professional partner for events

    Your partner when it comes to canopy tents and folding furniture. Read more about our company and our quality standards.

  • Old beer garden table set from RUKU
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