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canopy tent models

More than 20 years of experience, continuous development and innovative product improvements are the basis for our two unique canopy tent models.

All canopy tent models, max, pro and eco, convince with functionality, quality and many years of experience.

Gegenüberstellung der 3 Faltpavillon-Linien mit Querschnitt des jeweiligen Profils: roter Faltpavillon der Linie max, schwarzer Faltpavillon der Linie pro und weißer Faltpavillon der Linie eco.

Our models - comparison

max - pro - eco

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Choose the canopy tent that matches your personality and requirements!
We compare our waterproof canopy tent models max, pro and eco to show you the differences.

  • Roter Faltpavillon der Linie max mit Querschnitt des Profils und max-Etikette.


    We recommend our model max for professional use with frequent and long hours of use. It convinces with its high longevity.

    Profile thickness:
    46 mm
    Wall thickness:
    2,5 mm
  • Weißer Faltpavillon der Linie eco mit Querschnitt des Profils und eco-Etikette.


    Similarly, the pro is suited for use on a regular basis.

    Profile thickness:
    43 mm
    Wall thickness:
    2 mm
  • Weißer Faltpavillon der Linie eco mit Querschnitt des Profils und eco-Etikette.


    Model eco is frequently used for private purposes and convinces with a balanced price-performance-ratio.

    Profile thickness:
    30 mm
    Wall thickness:
    2 mm

Available sizes in the models max, pro und eco

  • max

    Frame thickness = 46 mm

    • 3x3 m
    • 4,5x3 m
    • 6x3 m
    • 8x4 m
    • 6x4 m
    • 5x5 m
    • 4x4 m
    • 4x2 m
    • 3x2 m
    • 2,3x2,3 m
    • 2x2 m
    • 1,5x3m
    • 1,5x1,5m
  • pro

    Frame thickness = 43 mm

    • 3×3 m
    • 4,5×3 m
    • 6×3 m
  • eco

    Frame thickness = 30 mm

    • 3×3 m
    • 4,5×3 m
    • 6×3 m
  • Weißes eingerahmtes new-Siegel auf grauer Leder-Optik.
  • The great novelty 2020

    Our canopy tents are more stable than ever before: the new product designations bring convincing technical innovations with them.

    atento 43 becomes max
    atento 38 becomes pro
    atento Basic becomes eco

  • Colourful design possibilities

    With RUKUevent’s canopy tents you can introduce colour to your event. You can choose the basic colour of your canopy from a wide range of colours. The model  max is available in 12 standard Pantone colours. From sunny yellow to navy blue, everything is included. We can also realize special colors if you wish. In addition, you can also choose the frame of this series of canopy tents in three different colours. The model pro also offers a choice of 12 Pantone colours, while the model eco  is available in three standard colours.

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    To give your canopy the perfect touch, you can add your own individual printing. The tightly stretched roof and the optionally available canopy tent side walls are the perfect advertising medium. From a simple logo or lettering to photorealistic motifs, there are no limits to your design. Thanks to the latest printing techniques, your desired design will be realized in best quality in thermal printing, sublimation printing or screen printing.


  • Die 12 verfügbaren Standardfarben der Faltpavillons der Linie max mit der Angabe der Pantone-Werte.
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That's what makes the difference!

Depending on your reqirements and budget, you may choose between our three models max, pro and eco.


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