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Wir geben unseren Faltpavillons einen neuen Namen, erfinden sie aber nicht neu. Freuen Sie sich auf ein neues, dynamisches Design, eine überarbeitete Produktpalette und die 100 % europäische Produktion!
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Time for a New Chapter
We are giving our canopy tents a new name, but we’re not reinventing them. Look forward to a new, dynamic design, a renewed product range and 100 % European production!
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Set-up of a canopy tent without tools

The canopy tent by RUKUevent can be set up easily and quickly. The tent can be assembled in unter two minutes with just a few steps and no tools required.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact!

Red canopy tent is assembled in 4 steps (with minutes): remove the transport bag, unfold the frame, attach the roof, unfold the canopy tent.
  • Erected in 2 minutes,
    no tools required

    Canopy tents are the perfect partner for events, promotions and other outdoor activities. Erected within the shortest time, with minimum effort and maximum impact.

    • quick & simple set-up

    • no tools required

    • no loose single parts

  • Canopy tent-setup

    Step 1 (30″)
    Remove the transport bag.

    Step 2 (1′)
    Set up and unfold the tent frame.

    Step 3 (1’30”)
    Place the roof on top and fix it.

    Step 4 (2′)
    Pull apart, adjust the height of the tent legs; that’s it!

  • Weights & base plates for fixing canopy tents to the ground. The circle shows the attachment of two canopy tents with a single base plates.
  • Safe is safe: Suitable accessories for securing the canopy tent

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    RUKUevent offers the right accessories for wind and weather so that you can safely use your canopy tent. When it gets stormy, the 10 kg and 25 kg footplates add extra weight and thereby increase stability. If required, the plates can be stacked so that you can increase the weight one by one.

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    For unpaved and soft surfaces we recommend the tensioning set consisting of pegs and tensioning cords. Thanks to the hammer supplied, you can secure the canopy tent quickly and easily.

    RUKUevent offers practical transport wheels so that your canopy tent can be transported just as easily as the necessary steps to secure it. On firm ground you can simply roll the folded tent from A to B without stressing your back.

  • Do you have any questions about the set-up?

    We will be delighted to advise you personally…

    • free & without obligation
    • individual consulting
    • there for you locally
  • Cross section of the 46 mm thick aluminum profile of the max product line.
  • High-quality structure

    Simple, yet extremely robust. Over twenty years of practical experience, comprehensive know-how and the spirit of innovation have flown into the construction and equipment of each and every tent.

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