A variety of sidewall solutions make the atento canopy tents an all-rounder: as a sales booth, trade fair tent, market stall, garden pavilion, party or event tent.


Simply flexible

Attaching the sidewalls is just as easy and safe as the folding construct itself: You just need to connect the Velcro with the fleece of the tent roof and wrap it around the tent legs.

atento sidewalls – practical and individual. Adapted to your ideas and requirements.

Befestigung der Seitenwand mittels Schlaufe

Smart combinations

Choose from a range of 5 different sidewall solutions in order to transform your atento canopy tent into an individual all-rounder.

All versions can be combined without problems, so that you can easily implement your ideas.

All sidewalls are available in our 12 standard colours and are full-screen printable on request.

Roter Faltpavillon der Größe 3x3 m mit einer roten geschlossenen Seitenwand und einer roten Seitenwand mit Tür.


Standard-Seitenwand für atento Faltpavillon von RUKU. Der rote atento Faltpavillon der Größe 3x3 m enthält eine geschlossene rote Seitenwand.
Closed sidewall

Classical. The closed sidewall, attached by Velcro in no time, is a popular optional accessory. It provides overall protection from wind and weather, and also provides even more surface area for your advertising.


Rote Seitenwand mit Rolltür an einem roten atento Faltpavillon von RUKU der Größe 3x3 m.
Sidewall with door

Come on in! A side wall with roll-up door invites customers and guests to come inside. The door can be fully opened and rolled up both from inside and outside by a zipper.

Rote Seitenwand mit Panoramafenster an einem roten atento Faltpavillon von RUKU der Größe 3x3 m angebracht.
Sidewall with window

Tent with a view. The sidewall with PVC window lets you see outside, yet protects you from wind and weather. The large panorama window lends the tent space and light, thus creating a more inviting atmosphere.

Rote Halbhohe Seitenwand an einem roten atento Faltpavillon von RUKU der Größe 3x3 m montiert.
Half sidewall

The perfect height. Half sidewalls allow for direct, eye-level contact with customers. With one metre in height, it’s perfect for a market or trade fair stand. A crossbar with piping ensures stability.

Roter Eckvorhang an einem roten atento Faltpavillon der Größe 3x3 m montiert.
Corner curtain

Festive. Corner curtains give your atento canopy tent an elegant touch. They’re ideal for all festive occasions, from birthday parties to weddings.

Individual sidewalls

All sidewall versions are available in the 12 standard colours and are full-screen printable on request. Make our sidewalls your perfect advertising medium!

Gelber Faltpavillon 3x3 m mit dem Logo von

You have a different sidewall in mind?

Together with you, we’ll create individual solutions such as sidewalls with both window and door, round windows and more.

  • sidewalls made-to-measure
  • individual solutions
  • adapted to your requirements
We will be happy to support you

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Popular sidewall combinations...
Schwarzer Faltpavillon für Adidas Eyewear für ein Messegelände im Freien.
For markets

The perfect sales booth.

Blauer Faltpavillon für die Promotionstour für Engelhorn Sports.
For promotion activities

You’ll be an eye-catcher for sure!

Gelber Faltpavillon für PowerBar für ein Sportevent.
For events

For in- and outdoor events.

Gelber atento Faltpavillon für eine Outdoor-Veranstaltung der Commerzbank.
For trade fairs

See and be seen!

Practical accessories - smart combinations

Canopy tent accessories designed to fulfil the requirements of practical use. Well-thought-through in every detail, convincing in every situation.

Praktische Transporträder einfach zum Anstecken als Zubehör für einen atento Faltpavillon von RUKU.

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Other product features

The atento canopy tent’s high-quality aluminium structure is stable, retains its shape, is rust-free and extremely durable.

Easy up
atento canopy tents were especially developed to be mobile. They can be assembled with two persons in under two minutes with just a few steps and no tools required.

Detailansicht der Aluminiumstruktur eines atento Faltpavillons. Die detaillierte Ansicht ermöglicht einen Einblick der Konstruktionsdetails.

High-quality structure
Simple, yet extremely robust. Over twenty years of practical experience, comprehensive know-how and the spirit of innovation have flown into the construction and equipment of each and every tent.

atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

Consultation and offer

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