What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer when visiting websites.

We use cookies for our website and subdomains in order to facilitate the navigation and in order to personalise the information which is transmitted to the user – if it is required by law or other relevant provisions, we ask for the user’s consent prior to the use of cookies. Furthermore, we use systems in order to collect data on the user such as his IP address, the browser and operating system and/or the visited websites for reasons of safety  and to create statistics. In the event that you decide to deactivate cookies or to refuse your consent on cookie use, you may won’t be able to access all parts of the website and corresponding subdomains or they may not function properly.

In order to guarantee full and problem-free use of this website, we recommend you to adjust your browser to accept the cookies. The cookies do not pose any risk to your computer, tablet or smartphone. The created cookies do not contain any personal data which can be used to identify the user, they only contain coded data.


The website and all corresponding subdomains use the following types of cookies:

Navigation cookies are required for the normal navigation on and use of our website. Without this cookie, you may not have foll access to all functions or they may not function properly. These absolutely necessary cookies fulfil the function of storing a tagging in order to identify the user and to provide a well-coordinated service.

Functionality cookies enhance the functionality of the website by storing your individual settings (e. g. user name or language) and enable improvements of the website.

Performance cookies may originate from us or from a third party. The data collected by these cookies are completely anonymous and are neither used to record personal data nor for advertising purposes.

Cookies for marketing and retargeting purposes are used by third parties and fulfil the function of showing advertisements. No personal data will be processed, however, there will be a connection with your computer or other devices where the stored information will be traced.

Which cookies are used on this website,what is their lifespan and which purpose do they have?

  • _ga: Is used to distinguish between users (2 years)
  • _gat: Is used to create tracking objects (10 minutes)
  • _gid: Is used to distinguish between users (24 hours)


  • SnapABugHistory: Is used to keep track of the visitor visits and last chats to present history to agent (1 year)
  • SnapABugRef: Is used for the tracking of origin and site entry (120 minutes)
  • SnapABugVisit: Is used fo the detection of new session (session only)

How to deactivate cookies

The rules of personal data protection provide that the user of our website must be able to deactivate unwanted cookies (see art. 122 privacy code).


Internet Explorer
Blocking or accepting all cookies

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Navigate to “Extras” and “Internet options”
3. Select the tab “privacy” and move the slide switch to the top in order to block all cookies
4. Confirm by pressing OK

More information:

To block all cookies:

1.Press the menu buton and select “options”.
2. Navigate to the section “privacy”.
3.Open the settings for “history” and select “use custom settings for history”. Deselect “accept cookies from websites” and save the settings.

More information

Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome and select Chrome menu.
2. Click on settings.
3.At the bottom, select Advanced.
4. Under “Privacy and security”, click Content settings.
5. Turn Allow sites to save and read cookie data off.
6. Save settings.

More information:


1. Open Safari.
2. Select “settings” and then “privacy”
3. Under the section “accept cookies”, you may define if and when Safari shall save the cookies or the website. For more information, press the help button (questionmark).
4.You receive further information concerning the cookies which are stored on your computer by clicking on “show cookies”.

More information:

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