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Printed canopy tents, folding table and bench sets and beer pavilions are the optimum advertising medium. The surface areas can be printed with single logos and slogans or fully printed with images and photographs in best quality.

Sowohl das Dach als auch die drei geschlossenen Seitenwände des Faltpavillons sind in den Farben und mit dem Logo von Intersport bedruckt. Der Verkäufer präsentiert seiner Kundin verschiedene Fahrräder und Mountainbikes unter seinem personalisierten Intersport-Verkaufsstand.
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Individual design options
  • your logo on the tent

  • individual slogans

  • photo printing in best quality

  • high-quality printing colours

  • short delivery periods

  • individual advice

  • Professional canopy printing

    The optimum advertising medium

    Have your atento canopy tent designed as you like! We’ll print your logo, texts or high-quality images and photos onto your canopy tent, to turn it into your ideal advertising meduim.

    Maximum advertising impact

    Individually designed and printed, RUKU offers a maximum advertising impact and stages brands and companies in a professional way.

  • Das grün-weiß bedruckte Marktzelt verfügt über halbhohe Seitenwände in Holzoptik samt Theke. Auf dieser Theke präsentiert die Verkäuferin den zwei Kunden ihr frisches Gemüse. Währenddessen regnet es.

Three different printing techniques

Different printing techniques offer versatile possibilities to create a unique and promotionally effective presence. From a monochrome logo to full-screen photorealistic prints – everything is possible!

  • Grüner Faltpavillon vollflächig im Sublimationsdruckverfahren für Compo bedruckt

    Sublimation printing

    Unrestricted. Do you want printing over your entire tent area? Then select our dye sublimation option. This process guarantees excellent colour brilliance that won’t quickly fade from the elements. Ecen photographs can be reproduced in optimum photo quality.

  • Bordeaux-roter Faltpavillon im Thermofoliendruckverfahren mit goldene Muster bedruckt

    Thermal printing

    Remarkable. You’d like your logo on the canopy or side walls of your tent? Thermal printing – using heat and tranfer press – is used to apply your desired grahpic onto the fabric. Quick, perfect, low-cost.

  • Schwarzer Faltpavillon im Siebdruckverfahren mit dem "Jack Wolfskin"-Logo bedruckt

    Screen printing

    Simple. Do you want several canopy tents to have the same printing? Silkscreen processes involve using a screen through which the dyes are applied onto the fabric. It’s especially suited to printing logos, which are generally simply designed with only one colour and clear lines.

  • Inhouse graphics studio

    Ask us for advice!

    Our graphics studio is always happy to support you in developing and implementing creative ideas – geared to your corporate-design.

  • 3x3 m canopy tent in red on a red background.
  • Show your colours

    Bring some colour to your event! atento canopy tents are available in twelve different Pantone standard colours – from bright yellow to navy blue. In addition to that, you may choose the structure of your tent to correspond to your fabric colour.

  • How does your canopy tent by RUKUevent look like?

    Implement your ideas with the help of our graphics team and create your perfect advertising medium.

    • individual consultation
    • complete solutions
    • long-term printing experience
  • Individual folding furniture printing

    There are no limits to your creativity!
    Large-scale logos, colourful writings and even whole photographs can be printed onto your folding table and bench set. As an advertising medium at trade fairs, events or at your company party – individually printed folding furniture sets are always an eye-catcher.

    Trust in our experience

    Benefit from many years of printing experience and the quality of RUKU folding table and bench sets.

  • Der Biertisch wurde mit einem vollen Bierglas im Digitaldruck-Verfahren vollflächig bedruckt; der Druck im Hintergrund ist genauso wie die Bierbank in Holzoptik bedruckt.

Various customisation options 

Turn your beer tent furniture into an absolute highlight. Every folding furniture can be personalised – as an advertising medium or as protection against theft. Decide for yourself what your beer tent set should look like.

  • Der Biertisch wurde mit einem vollen Bierglas im Digitaldruck-Verfahren vollflächig bedruckt; der Druck im Hintergrund ist genauso wie die Bierbank in Holzoptik bedruckt.

    Digital printing

    Unmissable. There are no limits to your creativity with digital printing. Pictures and photos in high colour brilliance are applied between two varnishes and let your beer garden furniture shine in a new look. Please note that we can only offer digital printing for sets of 20 or more.

  • Die Plattenunterseite und die Stirnseite des Biertisches wurde mit den Buchstaben "RUKU EVENT" bedruckt.


    Simple. A welcome alternative to burn-in. In up to 4 places we can place your name, your signs or your slogan. The print is not solvable and complies with the latest technological printing standards.

  • Screen printing

    Characteristic. We will create your advertising logo as a screen and print it on the top of the wooden plate. To protect the print from scratches and damages, the print is made between the second and third glaze application. The maximum size of the print is 25×25 cm and can be applied in a single colour.

  • Die Buchstaben für Brennstempel werden vorbereitet


    Embossed. During the burning-in process, letters and symbols are stamped centrally into the underside of the plate using a branding iron. During the firing process the characters are lowered black and slightly into the wood. The desired text should be a maximum of 3 lines up to 18 characters each (including spaces), depending on the model.

  • As individual as you are!

    Digitally printed beer garden furniture in best quality!

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    We print large logos and even whole pictures and photos on your folding set. The imprint is applied after the 2nd lacquer layer and is then sealed by the 3rd lacquer layer, this makes the printed marquee set weatherproof. Due to the multi-layer lacquering, the printed beer tent sets, like the original RUKU folding furniture are light-resistant, scratch-resistant and wipeable.

    • Large-surface printing on tables and benches
    • multi-layer varnishing
    • lightfast, scratch-resistant and wipeable
  • How does your beer tent furniture set by RUKU look like?

    For the perfect design and best results, our employees are at your side with words and deeds.

    • years of experience
    • individual consultation
    • individual solutions
  • Beer stand with individual branding

    Use the beer stand with your individual branding for mobile use at changing locations. The waterproof PVC roof and the surrounding panels are fully printable, so that you can easily use your beer stand for effective advertising and brand promotion activities.

  • Der 8-Eck-Bierstand ist vollflächig mit einem Gartenmotiv bedruckt; darunter Bäumen, Gieskanne, Gartenschlauch, Blumen,

These two printing technologies make it possible

The two printing technologies, screen printing and digital printing, make your beer stand even more personal. Matched to your individual corporate design, a beer stand becomes an effective advertising medium.

  • Screen printing

    The ideal printing process for logos and lettering that are simple and uncomplicated.

  • Digital printing

    Suitable for fully printed roofs and panels. Digital printing is particularly appropriate for graphics and photorealistic prints.

  • An powerful advertising medium

    In our print factory with attached graphic studio, corresponding concepts are creatively and professionally implemented in high quality by a competent and committed team.

  • Der gelbe 6-Eck-Bierstand ist mit der Aufschrift "Schlammerstand" und verschiedensten Grafiken, darunter Burger, Pommes, Getränke, Eis u. Ä. bedruckt.
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