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Party tents for any occasion

Festivals in the garden or on the street, catering or anniversaries – the party tent by RUKUevent offers protection from sun, wind and rain at any time. Perfect for all events and occasions!

Many white canopy tents at a major event in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Party tents for your outdoor party

Celebrate festivals as they come! With a mobile party tent you are not tied to any particular place and can celebrate your party where you like it best. How about a glittering party in a mountain hut? Or a wedding celebration right by the lake? Of course, the party tent is also suitable for a street party or a birthday party in your own garden.

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Especially outdoors, the stable party tents from RUKUevent are the optimal solution to offer a dry place for the party guests, even during a short-term change in the weather. In combination with practical heating systems you can even make the party tent winterproof so that you can celebrate properly even in the cold season. If required, you can extend the tent and create additional added value with practical accessories.

  • Two orange party tents in the middle of a folk festival with many visitors.
  • The RUKUevent party tents can also be provided with printing on request – take advantage of the various possibilities and create practical and effective photo walls, for example, or mark your party tent if you want to lend it to the neighbours.

Thanks to the simple set-up, you can use the foldable party tent very flexibly and invite your guests whenever you want. In our party tent set-up instruction video we show you how fast the assembly is done. Of course the dismantling is just as easy.

  • NEW: Design your party tent

    Design your individual party tent with our innovative RUKUevent folding pavilion configurator!

  • A 6x3m party tent is configured in the RUKUevent tent configurator.

Party tent 3x6, party tent 4x6, party tent 4x8 - popular party canopy sizes at a glance

Depending on the number of guests and the type of party you need canopy tents of different sizes. At RUKUevent you are guaranteed to find a suitable party tent.

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  • Great moments – with large party tents

A party with many guests will be really atmospheric! The “big ones” from RUKUevent are ideally suited for this. The party tent 3×6 m and the 4×6 m model offer a large area for celebrating. If you have even bigger plans, choose the 8×4 m party tent, which can cover an area of 32 m².

  • The right size for your party

If you are expecting a smaller number of guests or perhaps have completely different requirements for your party tent, then you will also find the ideal solution here at RUKUevent. You can choose your desired model from a total of 13 standard sizes. Special designs can also be realised on request.

  • Transportation made easy

All party tents are delivered in a transport bag. Most models can easily be transported in a normal station wagon thanks to the clear packing dimensions. If required, you can also attach removable wheels to the tent frame to make transport even easier.

Extremely practical accessories for party tents

A wide range of accessory options ensure that your canopy tent meets all the requirements for a relaxed party evening – whether it is dimmable LED lighting to set the right mood or powerful radiant heaters to keep the cold at bay in the evening.

  • LED lighting is attached to the hinged poles of the canopy tent and illuminates the space under the red roof.

    The later the evening, the more interesting the guests. And it’s even better seeing them in the right light. The LED spotlights from RUKUevent can be mounted easily in the tent poles to provide direct or indirect lighting. Alternatively, the innovative LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere – it is infinitely dimmable and can therefore be used in various ways.

  • Der Heizstrahler ist am Mittelpfosten des Faltpavillons befestigt. Im Hintergrund ist das rote Dach des Faltpavillons zu sehen.

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    Should those who want to party all night long have to out on a lot of clothes? There is no need for that! Thanks to the powerful radiant heaters from RUKUevent there is always a pleasant warmth inside your party tent. Especially in winter you can heat the tent quickly and discretely without losing standing space due to heating devices. The heating elements can be connected to the tent poles and thus provide pleasant warmth from above.

  • Red canopy tent size 3x3m with three different side walls - all in red: closed sidewall, sidewall with panoramic window and half-height sidewall with counter.

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    There is always a reason to celebrate! With the different side walls from RUKUevent you can equip your party tent individually with side parts. The closed side wall is ideal for protection from wind and weather and can also be used as a printed photo wall for guests. Panorama side walls with large windows also serve as weather protection, but allow a clear view of the surroundings. If you want to open and close the sides flexibly, a side wall with a rollable door is the best fit. A half-height side wall in combination with a crossbar or tent counter is suitable for serving drinks at parties.

  • Weights & base plates for fixing canopy tents to the ground. The circle shows the attachment of two canopy tents with a single base plates.

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    With the weights for stabilising the party tent, you can relax and enjoy your party as you do not have to worry about the canopy tent simply lifting off when there is wind. The 10 kg or 25 kg plates weigh down your RUKUevent party tent and provide a safe stand. If required, you can also stack several plates on top of each other.

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Our party tent references

It’s party time! Our customers have already celebrated many parties – and the RUKUevent party tents always provide you with loyal service. In the following we show you some particularly successful examples.

Party tents from the manufacturer from Germany

The RUKUevent canopy tent are the perfect choice for your party – whether it’s a birthday party, garden party or anniversary. The convertible folding canopies meet the highest German quality standards and adapt to your individual requirements. For parties that will be remembered for a long time.

  • 100% waterproof

    Don’t let rain spoil the party atmosphere! The robust party tents are 100% waterproof so that your guests don’t get wet feet. The canopy tent also serves as a reliable rain protection in case of a short-term weather change.

  • Weather and storm proof

    RUKUevent canopy tents defy wind and weather – the stormproof party tents are therefore the ideal partner for outdoor events. You don’t have to worry about your guests fleeing from the weather and can celebrate a great party.

  • Quick and easy set-up

    In just a few minutes you can create a roof under the open sky without any tools and thus give the starting signal for a long party night. And what about after the party? The tent can be dismantled in a flash and stowed away in the practical transport bag. That is how you do not have to bother with time-consuming tidying up and can plan the next party in peace and quiet…

  • Modularly expandable

    Would you like to use a counter or other side walls for the next party? No problem – the RUKUevent party tents are modularly extendable and can be modified according to your ideas. If required, you can easily re-order individual features.

  • Optional flame retardant (EN 13501-1)

    On request we can produce your party tent in flame-retardant fabric.

  • No separate components

    The party tents are designed so that there are no loose parts that could be lost. The tent is delivered in a practical bag as well as the side walls so you always have a quick overview of the materials.

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