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The rescue tent for emergency operations

Specially developed for emergency operations: A canopy tent that is always ready for use and reliably fulfils its purpose in an emergency.

  • Best equipped with the rescue tent

    Wenn’s schnell gehen muss…Das professionelle Rettungszelt bietet der wertvollen Arbeit von Rettungskräften große Unterstützung, indem es den Opfern, Einsatzkräften und Gerätschaften im Ernstfall einen zuverlässigen Schutz schafft.

    NEW: Do you already know our rescue tent “light”? A new version of our professional rescue tent, reduced to the bare essentials. Order online now.

Professional rescue tent for professional use

Fire brigade, rescue service, police – among us there are numerous “heroes of everyday life” who always stand up for us when we are in need. To support this valuable work we have developed a professional rescue tent especially for emergency operations.

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    In addition to a classic canopy tent, the rescue tent kit consists of opaque, extended side walls, special windows with visual protection, non-slip floor and pegs for fixing.

Side walls and floor are connected by connecting rods and the rescue tent thus becomes a self-contained space that is isolated from external influences, spared from unnecessary prying eyes and offers valuable protection.

Included in the rescue tent kit

The medical tent has an intelligent rescue tent kit consisting of opaque, extended side walls, a non-slip floor and special windows.

  • The side walls allow the tent to be closed completely.

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    The side walls, which overlap at the corner posts and are extended at the bottom, ensure protection against external environmental influences such as dirt, water and wind. The lower third of the side walls is made of robust PVC, which makes cleaning much easier.

  • Der schwarze rutschfeste Zeltboden ist an den Eckprofilen des Faltpavillons angebracht.

    The floor is made of non-slip Comshade fabric and is attached to the base of the structure by means of special brackets.

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    The tent floor is also connected to the side walls by means of fixing poles. This prevents the floor from slipping and ensures that it is always optimally tensioned.

  • The special windows can be opened and closed from the inside and outside with zippers.

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    The integrated fly net, between the crystal window and the cover window, protects against annoying insects. In addition, the window can be closed opaque from the inside.

  • The pegs allow the tent floor and side walls to be anchored firmly in the ground.

Rescue tents in several sizes

Available in 3 different sizes, the rescue tent with its optimal equipment proves to be a valuable helper in rescue operations.

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  • 3 available sizes

The size range extends from the 4.5x3m canopy tent to the 6x4m canopy tent to the 8x4m canopy tent.

  • Maximum stability

The grooved aluminium profile of the max line ensures maximum stability of the rescue tent. It withstands long and frequent use without any problems and supports repeated assembly and disassembly – the perfect companion for daily needs.

  • The personalised rescue tent

    Put the logo of your rescue organisation on your rescue tent and use your canopy tent effectively in advertising at various events.

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Rescue tents in action

Always there… These rescue teams have already added a rescue tent or a classic canopy tent to their equipment – of course in the colours of the organisation – and are thus well equipped for upcoming operations and team celebrations.

Professional rescue tents from the manufacturer

The RUKUevent rescue tent meets all the requirements for a high-quality and professional emergency tent. Equip yourself with a RUKUevent rescue tent and make the daily work easier for you and your rescue organisation.

  • 100% waterproof

    The high-quality rescue tents from RUKUevent are 100% waterproof/water impermeable according to ISO DIN EN ISO 13934-1 and offer optimum protection against wind and rain during outdoor use.

  • Quick and easy set up

    The RUKU medical tent is ready for use in the shortest time and without great effort. Developed for situations where every second counts.

  • Fire retardant

    The rescue tent is fire-retardant according to EU standard: EN 13501 1:2002 and M2.

  • Stable and durable

    The rescue tent was tested in a wind tunnel by a renowned (and specialised) institute – with success. Thanks to the grooved aluminium profile of the max model, RUKUevent rescue tents are stable, robust and durable.

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