• German brand quality
  • Maximum safety
  • 100% customizable

Beer tables and benches by RUKUevent

Traditional, comfortable and simply brilliant: classical beer tent furniture, benches with backrests or tables with extra legroom.

  • various colours
  • different sizes
  • with backrests
  • with extra legroom
Bierzeltgarnitur in Brauereiqualität mit 2 Frauen und 2 Männern die Feiern. Sie stoßen mit einem Bier an.
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  • Brewery quality since the 1950s

  • foldable

  • unique UV-varnish

  • patent-registered C-profile

  • German brand quality

  • individual advice

  • Ein Mitarbeiter von RUKUevent stapelt
  • Beer tables and benches - passion for quality

    RUKUevent beer tent furniture combines comfort with solid construction. Select spruce wood, high-strength two-component adhesive, rear-bolted stacking strips and powder-coated fittings ensure maximum stability. The furniture sets come in a range of table widths, colours and variants, including benches with backrests, benches without backrests, tables with normal frames or with special, comfort-adding frames with extra legroom.

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    RUKUevent has been making furniture for party tents and beer tents since the 1950s. Numerous breweries and event organisers trust RUKU’s many years of experience. The famous Munich Oktoberfest makes use of our high-quality festival furniture sets on a regular basis.


Choose your favourite from a range of 3 colours for your table and bench set. Pine, natural or orange - the perfect colour for your taste.

  • When it's Oktoberfest time again

    Traditional, comfortable and awesome. Whether beer tent set, benches with backrest or table with legroom – numerous breweries and organizers trust RUKUevent’s experience.

    Even the largest folk festival, the Munich Oktoberfest, is continually equipped with RUKUevent’s high-quality folding furniture.

Countless combinations

Choose the tables and benches that match your requirements.
At RUKUevent, you can create your very own and individual folding table and bench set.

  • RUKU Biertisch in Kiefer mit extra Beinfreiheit.

    Table with legroom

    Extra legroom for your guests

    Our table with extra legroom offers more room than our classic table. Its slim, x-shaped design makes it the perfect table for close sitting in crowded party tents. Kiln-dried spruce wood, powder-coated fittings and rear-bolted stacking strips guarantee maximum stability. This table is 2.20 m long and 50 cm wide. It is available in the colours pine, orange or natural.

  • RUKU Biertisch in Kiefer mit normalem Untergestell.

    Table with normal frame

    The RUKUevent classic

    Sturdy and reliable, even when the party is in full swing: our table with normal frame is part of our classic beer tent furniture product line. It comes with a base frame in dark green or dark blue, and is perfect for any occasion. The tabletop consists of kiln-dried spruce wood, treated with a patented UV-varnish. The table is available in orange, pine or natural -with either 50, 67, 75 or 80 cm width.

We compare...

Table with extra legroomTable with normal frame
  • RUKU Bierbank mit Rückenlehne.

    Bench with backrest

    More comfort for your guests

    RUKUevent offers benches with backrests for all those who’d prefer to be a little more comfortable. The bench with foldable backrest is made from robust spruce wood. Available in pine, orange and natural. Dark green frame. 27 cm wide and 2.20 m long, the bench with backrest holds about four people.

  • Klassische Bierbank in Kiefer ohne Lehne von RUKU.

    Bench without backrest

    The RUKUevent classic

    Classical, practical, sturdy: the RUKUevent bench without backrest is an optional item in our classic beer tent furniture range. This bench is 2.20 m long and available in width of 25 or 27 cm. The colour range includes pine, orange and natural. the frame is available in dark green or blue.

We compare...

Bench with backrestBench without backrest
Third stacking stripThe third stacking lath is a standard feature for all our RUKU folding tables and benches, so that the furniture sets won’t be damaged by scratches during stacking, transport and unloading – in this way, they will remain nice and flawless.
Patent-registered C-profileThanks to the new, innovative C-profile, the stability of the base frame is increased by up to 20% compared to conventional base frames. This increases the buckling resistance as well.
RUKU plastic slidersPrepared for fragile surfaces: holes in the footprint for optional RUKU plastic sliders.
UV-varnishThe UV-Nano-glaze is solvent-free, environmentally friendly and food-safe. The glaze is elastic in itself and adapts to the shrinking behaviour of wood. This guarantees optimum adhesion of the UV glaze to the wood and minimises absporption of moisture.

Well thought to the last detail

Top stability, major reliability!
Our folding table and bench sets are characterised by durability and reliability. Outstanding resistance against mechanical loads, weather effects as well as wear and tear has made this folding set the first choice of thousands of satisfied customers for the past 60 years.

  • Varnish - a unique coating

    Our beer tent furniture set with varnish is characterised by its enormous weather resistance. Due to the special glaze, which is applied in three layers (25 g/m² each), it is particularly resistant and durable. Thus, the set with this surface treatment qualifies as the perfect equipment for your beer garden. The varnish is available for:

    • Table: length 220 cm and width 50 | 67 | 80 cm
    • Bench: length 220 cm and width 25 | 27 cm
  • Do you have any questions about our beer tent sets?

    We will be delighted to advise you personally…

    • individually manufactured and personalised
    • free & non-binding
    • on-site service
  • The handy transport container

    With the stable and dismountable container, you can move and protect your folding bench and table sets before, during or after events. The boxes are stackable in full or empty state thanks to a robust design.

  • Der Biertisch und die Bierbank
  • Individual folding furniture printing

    Turn your furniture set into an absolute highlight. Each table and bench set can be customised – as an advertising medium, for special occasions or as theft protection. Large-scale logos, colourful writings and even whole photographs can be printed onto your folding table and bench set.

"Bambini" & "Shorty" furniture sets by RUKUevent

  • "Bambini" - RUKU table and bench set in small size

    The little ones can party like the elders with “Bambini” furniture! The original RUKU party tent furniture is now available in miniature:

    Table and bench are 110 cm long and 40 and 20 cm wide respectively. The height is 54 cm.

    The “Bambini” set comes with plastic sliders so that it can also be used in the nursery, terrace or kitchen.

    • powder-coated frames
    • all edges are rounded
    • spruce wood (only available as pine)
    • UV-varnish
    • rear-bolted stacking strips
  • "Shorty" - the RUKUevent table and bench set when space is tight

    The RUKUevent furniture line “Shorty” comes into play when space is tight.

    The shortened version of the classic RUKUevent folding table and bench set is just 108 cm long, whereby the table is 67 cm wide and the bench is 33 cm wide. The base frame is only available in black.

    The “Shorty” line is ideal for balconies and offers comfortable seating for 4 persons.

    • powder-coated frames
    • all edges are rounded
    • spruce wood (only available as pine)
    • UV-varnish
    • rear-bolted stacking strips

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