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Construction details

Top stability, major reliability!

Our folding table and bench sets are characterised by durability and reliability.

Outstanding resistance against mechanical loads and weather effects as well as against wear and tear makes this furniture set the first choice.

  • Perfection - down to the last detail

    Folding tables and benches are not all the same. Especially in the field of intensive catering trade and in the field of lending, robustness and longevity are vitally important. Our RUKUevent folding tables and benches meet all these requirements. Thanks to first-rate materials and outstanding workmanship, folding furniture sets by RUKUevent are extremely robust and durable. They’ll fulfil their purpose – for decades.

    • quality made in Germany
    • first-rate materials
    • TÜV-certified

RUKUevent quality at a glance

  • Patent-registered C-profile

    Advanced. Thanks to the new, innovative C-profile, the stability of the base frame is increased by up to 20% compared to conventional base frames. This increases the buckling resistance as well.

  • Kunststoffgleiter zum Montieren an der Unterseite der Untergestelle. Sie vermeiden Kratzer auf empfindlichen Böden. Ideal auch für Innen.

    Plastic sliders

    Gently. Prepared for fragile surfaces: holes in the footprint for optional plastic sliders.

  • The special Firelock® UV varnish makes the marquee sets particularly resistant, water-repellent and fire-retardant.

    Firelock® UV-varnish

    Flame retardant & weatherproof. Our specially developed and certified Firelock® UV-varnish was classified as “flame-retardant” according to DIN 4102 B1 in the fire protection test.

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    The UV nano glaze is solvent-free, environmentally friendly and food-safe. It is also inherently elastic and adapts to the shrinkage behavior of the wood. This guarantees optimum adhesion of the UV glaze to the wood and minimizes moisture infiltration.


  • Rear-bolted stacking strips

    Screwed on at the back. Thanks to the rear-bolted stacking strips, thus the tabletop remains undamaged and weather damages are avoided.


  • Der Bügel des Untergestelles ist im Klappmöbelschloss, das an der Tischunterseite der Bierzeltgarnitur montiert ist, eingerastet.

    Solid lock

    Tried, tested, proven. Developed by RUKUevent – tried and tested a million times for over 50 years: The fully galvanised lock and retaining spring, both double bolted, ensure secure hold and perfect functioning. Locks into place perfectly – no play, no wobbling!

  • Third stacking strip

    Stackable. The third stacking lath is a standard feature for all our RUKUevent folding tables and benches, so that the furniture sets won’t be damaged by scratches during stacking, transport and unloading – in this way, they will remain nice and flawless.

  • Stiffening ribs

    Iron. Additional stiffening ribs in the cross bracing lead to increased stability.

  • Bracket grid

    Clever. A special mechanism guarantees that the bracket will not fall out when the table or bench is lifted when closed.

  • Corner welding

    Durable. The additional weld seam at the corners of the base frame closes the edges of the individual bent parts and joins them together to form a clean and robust unit.

  • Select wood quality

    Qualitative. Only selected, kiln-dried spruce wood is used for the production of our folding tables and benches – with minimal thermal distortion and knotholes.

  • Stronger plates

    Unbreakable. Our folding furniture sets consist of bench plates with a thickness of 29 mm and table plates with a thickness of 24 mm – for better breaking and deformation resistance.

  • High-strength two-component adhesive

    Solid. We only use a high-strength two-component adhesive to glue the different wooden parts in order to achieve top seam strength and high UV-resistance.

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  • Klassische Bierzeltgarnitur in Kiefer mit extra Beinfreiheit und zwei Bierbänken ohne Lehne.
  • Beer tent furniture sets by RUKUevent

    RUKUevent’s beer tent fittings are characterised by durability and reliability and are available in various sizes and colours or, if desired, personalised.

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