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Furniture set with backrest

May it be a little more comfort? Your folding furniture with backrests on the benches.

It couldn’t possibly be more convenient: whether in a tent, in the garden or during festivities – our RUKU set with backrests on the folding benches offers your guests a particular high sitting comfort and therefore provides maximum convenience.

The backrest can be assembled without any effort and the ergonomically optimised recline angle guarantees best sitting comfort. In this way, even senior guests who are having difficulties concerning sitting on a bench without backrest will be able to enjoy long festivities. A very special highlight of the furniture set is that both backrest and base frame are foldable. The folding benches are equipped with a massive safety-catch of the folding mechanism. Another standard is the additional extension on the back side of the base frame – this leads to a wider contact area on the ground and prevents the bench from falling over. We use only durable and specially treated spruce wood for all the folding tables, benches and backrests.

The furniture sets are available with different table sizes and in three different colours. They can also be customised with a branding or screen printing. In this way, you can individually design your folding furniture set with backrests and make a lasting impression at your garden party, corporate or catering event.

  • Length folding furniture set: Table, bench with backrest: 220 cm
  • Width folding furniture set: Table: 50, 67, 75 or 80 cm
  • Width folding furniture set: Bench with backrest: 27 cm
  • Height folding furniture set: Table: 77 cm
  • Height folding furniture set: Bench: 48 cm
  • Base frame: green; powder-coated
  • Colours folding furniture set: pine, orange or natural (natural-coloured sets are only conditionally suitable for outdoor use)

The third stacking lath is a standard feature for all our RUKU folding tables and benches, so that the furniture sets won’t be damaged by scratches during stacking, transport and unloading – in this way, they will remain nice and flawless.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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