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How to maintain the beauty of your folding furniture

Did you already think about whether the folding tables and benches sustain damages due to high insolation? What happens, if it rains? How you should treat pollen on your folding furniture sets? And whether there is anything to consider while stacking them?

The answer to all those questions is brief and certainly comprehensible: wood is a natural product – and alive! For this very reason, it is essential to attach great importance to the right maintenance care of your folding furniture.

We’ll gladly answer each of the above-mentioned questions in detail. In order to do so, we collected several advice and instructions especially for you. You should definitely stick to them – in that way you can contribute to the longevity of our products. If you follow these general advice, you will most certainly take pleasure in your folding tables and benches for a long time.

Learn everything about the maintenance care of our folding furniture! Download the PDF-file here.

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