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Two firefighters spray water with the yellow hose between the fire truck and the waterproof canopy tent.

The rescue canopy tent for the fire department and medical service – waterproof, stable and fire retardant

The saying "Faster than the fire department" is no coincidence.

When equipping their command centers, halls and vehicles, fire departments and other rescue organizations count on products and equipment that are easy to handle and quick to use – and canopy tents are no exception.

Countless applications for the fire department

Canopy tent enjoy a special status especially with fire departments, because they are versatile in their use. During operations they can be used in many different ways:

  • as a social room for the respiratory protection equipment carriers
  • as a staff room for the on-site command center
  • as a casualty collection point during large-scale operations
  • as roofing during natural disasters
  • as a roofing during large-scale operations

In addition, the folding tent can also be used as a supervision tent for the youth fire department or as a roofing for events.

RUKUevent's canopy tent for fire departments

The canopy tent of the max line is the ideal partner for fire departments. With its grooved aluminum profile and a profile thickness of 46 mm, this product line is particularly stable and durable. It is therefore ideal for intensive use. Consisting of a single piece, it can be assembled in just 2 minutes. In addition, the 100% waterproof medical tent is also optionally fire retardant.

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The rescue tent for the fire department - this is what it can do
Structure anodized aluminum structure
Profile shape grooved aluminum profile
Profile thickness 46 mm
Assembly in nur 2 Minuten
Waterproof 100% waterproof
Fire retardant optionally available
TÜV certified

Quick and easy to set up

The rescue tent is easy and quick to set up, as you can see in our canopy tent set up instructions.

5 features you should pay attention to

  • Quick to set up without tools
    If the canopy tent comes into use during a large-scale operation, it must first and foremost go quickly. Above all, no time should be lost during assembly. Therefore, it is necessary that the assembly is carried out completely without tools for a set up within seconds.
  • Simple handling
    Bulky constructions that have to be plugged together take up time and nerves that are in short supply, especially in tricky situations. Therefore, it is essential that the canopy tent consists of a single piece that can be opened easily.
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
    The canopy tent also needs to be sturdy and robust; especially for frequent use, a sturdy construction is essential.
  • 100% waterproof
    Even if it is self-evident for many, but not standard for many canopy tents, it is important to ensure that the canopy tent is waterproof. Only then nothing stands in the way of outdoor use.
  • Fire-retardant
    In order to be able to use the rescue tent without hesitation for any kind of use, it is advisable to purchase a canopy tent that is also fire-retardant.

Side walls, accessories and printing

Depending on where and when the medical tent is used, side walls and other accessories are often needed. Side walls not only provide warmth inside the tent, but also serve as visual protection in case of accidents. RUKUevent offers a variety of side walls that can be combined as needed.

Nothing stands in the way of individual printing either: the various printing methods always ensure an excellent result.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
Canopy tents by RUKUevent

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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