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Canopy tents with UV protection 50+ & TÜV certified

If you want to use your canopy tent primarily as a sunshade outdoors, it is especially important that it offers sufficient UV protection. Otherwise, you will quickly experience a blue miracle....

Find out what ultraviolet radiation is, what UV protection a canopy tent offers and which canopy tent have good UV protection.

What is UV radiation?

Ultraviolet radiation, or UV radiation for short, is part of the sun’s radiation. Together with heat-giving infrared rays (IR) and visible rays (light), they make up solar radiation.

UV radiation is electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to humans and is divided into the so-called UV-ABC:

  • UV-A radiation
  • UV-B radiation
  • UV-C radiation
Overview of the individual UV rays
Wavelength rangeReachability of the earth's surface
UV-A-rays 400 - 315 nm They reach the earth unhindered
UV-B-rays 315 - 280 nm They are filtered out in the atmosphere, but only if the ozone layer is intact. Since this is not the case, up to 10% of the UV-B rays reach the earth.
UV-C-rays 280 – 100 nm These rays are particularly dangerous. However, they are already filtered in the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere and do not reach the earth.

Canopy tents with UV protection. What value is OK?

For textiles, UV protection is usually indicated with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This UV value also informs consumers about the respective UV protection of canopy tents, sunshades and awnings.

The UPF value according to UV Standard 801 is subdivided as follows:

  • UPF 15 to 24 = medium protection
  • UPF 25 to 50 = high protection
  • UPF 50+ = excellent protection

We advise you to always pay attention to the UPF value when buying a canopy tent: the higher the better.

Canopy tents with UV protection 50+ from RUKUevent

Canopy tents from RUKUevent have a UPF value of 50+. They therefore offer excellent protection in the sun. In addition, they are 100% waterproof as standard and optionally fire-retardant. With the folding tents from RUKUevent, you are optimally equipped for sun and rain.


Frequently purchased canopy tents with UV protection:

This is what distinguishes a canopy tent from RUKUevent:

  • UV protection 50+
  • 100% waterproof
  • optionally fire-retardant
  • stable aluminium profile
  • TÜV-tested
Red canopy tent on a grey background.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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