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Red waterproof canopy tent to protect a vintage car.

100% waterproof gazebos and canopies

Who wants to stand in the rain? Exactly, nobody!

That’s why your gazebos should definitely be waterproof if it is going to be used outdoors. One of the most expressive indicators when talking about how waterproof a material is, is the water column (also known as meter water column) specifications. It is the unit of measurement used to determine how waterproof a material is.

Waterproof canopy tent overview

Canopy tents from RUKUevent - everything a waterproof gazebo needs

Gazebos from RUKUevent are all 100% waterproof as standard and meet all the specifications that a professional gazebo must have. The water column values are, depending on the gazebo model, between 1,600 and 2,000 mm. Another point that some people might forget to think about are the seams. The seams are also all carefully finished with a waterproof thread at RUKUevent, so you won’t be left out in the rain. In addition, our gazebos benefit from optimal roof tension, which allows water to drain away quickly, preventing water pockets from forming.

Red high quality polyester fabric for atento canopy tent. The polyester fabric makes water drops bead off.

Waterproof gazebos - this is what you should pay attention to

In order to enjoy your waterproof canopy tent for a long time and not get your feet wet, you should pay attention to the following features when buying:

  • the gazebo is waterproof, not just water-repellent
  • the gazebo has waterproof seams
  • general weather resistance: the folding tent should serve as UV protection in the sun, as well as rain protection in bad weather conditions

How to measure waterproofness

Definition "waterproof":
According to the European standard EN 343:2003 ("Protective clothing against rain"), textiles with a water column of 800 mm or more are waterproof according to the criteria of class 2 and those with a water column of 1,300 mm or more are waterproof according to the criteria of class 3.

The unit of measurement for waterproofness is the so-called water column (or meter water column) and indicates how waterproof a particular fabric is. The determination of waterproofness is governed by ISO 811:2018. In this test, the outside of the material is exposed to water. The water pressure initially starts at zero and then increases by 10 mm per second. The test then stops once the third drop has penetrated the fabric and is visible on the inside.

Drei Wassersäulen die auf dem Stoff von RUKU stehen.

When is a gazebo waterproof?

According to the European standard EN 343:2003, textiles with a water column of 800 mm or more are waterproof according to the criteria of class 2 and those with a water column of 1,300 mm or more are waterproof according to the criteria of class 3. Tents, on the other hand, are considered waterproof only from a water column value of at least 1,500 mm.

The weak points of any gazebo are the seams. Therefore, when purchasing, you should make sure that the seams are also waterproof. So make sure that a waterproof thread is used.

In summary: The higher the water column, the more waterproof the gazebo.

Attention: water-repellent is not waterproof

Often water repellent is equated with the term waterproof and used as a synonym of the latter. But be careful, because water-repellent is not the same as waterproof. Waterproof begins where water repellent ends, and that is at a water column of 800 mm. Canopy tents are not considered waterproof until they reach a water column of 1,500 mm – make sure you take this into account when purchasing.

For outdoor use, the gazebo should also be properly secured, so that the stand of the gazebo is secure. Adding side walls, rain gutters and canopies will give you even more protection. For frequent outdoor use, you are optimally served with the premium model max from RUKUevent.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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