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Market tent with canopy – more covered area with special awnings for canopy tents

Market tents with awning are becoming more and more popular. And more and more market stand operators consider purchasing a canopy tent with awning.

The advantage is clear: the awning offers a larger covered area for the same size and thus protects not only your products but also your customers from sun and rain.

80 cm awning - 100% waterproof

When buying, make sure that both the awning and the canopy tent are waterproof. RUKUevent offers 100% waterproof market tents with awning. The awning is 80 cm long and can be mounted on almost all sizes:

Awning length (80 cm)Compatible with the following sizes
2m 3×2 m, 4×2 m, 2×2 m
3 m 3×3 m, 4.5×3 m, 6×3 m, 3×2 m, 3×1.5 m
4 m 4×4 m, 6×4 m, 8×4 m, 4×2 m
4,5 m 4.5×3 m
6 m 6×3 m, 6×4 m
8 m 8×4 m

Easy and gapless assembly - no passage for water

So that you do not lose unnecessary time during the assembly and disassembly of your market stand, we advise you to pay attention to an easy set up of the awning. The installation should require only a few hand movements and is completely tool-free. In addition, we advise you to make sure that the awning fits exactly to the market tent, because only in this way a gapless attachment can be guaranteed, so that no water can penetrate.

This is what you should look for in the awning

  1. sturdy construction, which can withstand multiple mountings and dismountings without any problems.
  2. awning can be installed without tools and with just a few simple steps
  3. seamless connection with the market tent; this is the only way to prevent water from seeping through between the awning and the canopy tent.

Awnings from RUKUevent can be attached within seconds. The integrated rain gutter ensures that no water can seep through at the connection point.


Advantages of awning from RUKUevent:

  • Tool-free attachment
  • Integrated rain gutter between awning and market tent
  • Stable aluminum construction

Various colors and personalization options

The awning from RUKUevent is also available in various colors and can be fully printed. The awning is thus easily transformed into additional advertising space that represents your company.

The green and white printed market stand has half-height wooden-look side walls including a counter. On this counter, the saleswoman presents her fresh vegetables to the two customers. Meanwhile, it is raining.
Red canopy tent on a grey background.
Canopy tents by RUKUevent

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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