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Red-gray medical tent consisting of a classic canopy tent, extended sidewalls, lockable windows and a non-slip floor.

Triage tents & quarantine tents directly from Germany

New areas of application for canopy tents from RUKUevent

COVID-19 is currently dominating all our lives. Every day there are new restrictions and new changes. Not long ago, hardly anyone used the term quarantine tent. Triage tents did not exist yet. Now this area of application for canopy tentss is on everyone's lips.

Learn how RUKUevent's canopy tents are currently doing their part to help contain the Coronavirus as triage tents and quarantine tents.

The mission of the triage tents

Triage tents and pre-triage tents are deployed directly on the Corona front lines. They are set up in front of hospital entrances. When patients, whether injured or ill, need to go to the hospital, they are first evaluated in the Pre-Triage Tents. There, it is determined whether or not COVID-19 infection is suspected. If so, COVID-19 patients are moved to separate rooms. If there is no suspicion, patients are allowed to proceed normally to first aid after the check.

The goal? To keep the various hospital wards, including patients and especially staff, free of COVID-19. In summary, the pre-triage tents are used to keep the risk of infection in the hospital itself as low as possible.

Triage tent and quarantine tent already tested before COVID-19!

RUKUevent has had the medical tent kit for years, which is important right now for the development of the triage tents, quarantine tents, rescue tent or fire brigade tents. It has already proven its worth in emergencies for numerous rescue organisations and fire brigades. This is why we at RUKUevent can recommend the medical tent kit in good conscience to hospitals, rescue organisations and civil proteciton as a triage tent or quarantine tent, even in the current crisis situation!

Two firefighters spray water with the yellow hose between the fire truck and the waterproof canopy tent.

Product benefits for triage and quarantine tents

Enclosed space, absolute stability and at the same time maximum flexibility make the product details of the medical tent kit an indispensable equipment in the current sanitary crisis.

  • Stability. The side walls of the medical tent are reinforced with PVC on the lower third. They can be connected to the ground or additionally stabilized with sandbags. Especially when used as a mobile quarantine tent at border crossings, stability as well as wind resistance are of great importance. Included in the medical tent kit are pegs for additional fixation of the quarantine tents.
  • Details. Unlike ordinary canopy tents from RUKUevent, the medical tent kit includes a non-slip floor.
  • Visual protection. Especially in the health sector, i.e. during triage or quarantine, privacy is essential. For this reason, the medical tents have a special privacy screen on the windows. The side walls of the medical tents are also opaque.
  • Flexibility. Quick assembly and disassembly make it possible to set up the triage tent, for example, at the rear entrance today and at entrance B tomorrow. The finished triage tent, including floor and side walls, is installed in just a few minutes. No tools, no loose parts and no prior knowledge are required.

How and where the quarantine tent can be used

Every evening, the Civil Defense announces the numbers of infected, deceased and people in quarantine. Quarantine means “temporary isolation of people”. This is exactly the purpose of quarantine tents. They create mobile space solutions to isolate sick people from healthy people and reduce the risk of infection.

  • In front of pharmacies and supermarkets, the quarantine tent provides a protected space for waiting customers, who stand at the prescribed safety distance in front of the entrance.
  • At border crossings, where Corona test stations are set up to care for the infected persons in the quarantine tent in the meantime.
  • As a mobile waiting room for physician outpatient clinics to reduce the risk of infection in the actual waiting room.
  • In front of hospitals as triage tents. Here, too, RUKUevent’s canopy tents serve as quarantine tents for the temporary isolation of infected people.
Three firefighters attend to an injured person in the mobile medical tent.

Triage tents and quarantine tents - directly from the manufacturer

Especially in crisis situations, increased attention must be paid to the quality of the products and the trust in the manufacturer. Of course, you can rely on RUKUevent. All triage tents and quarantine tents are made of high quality materials. Therefore they are 100% waterproof and fire-retardant. Due to the sophisticated production technology and many years of manufacturing experience, RUKUevent guarantees an exceptional quality of the triage tents and quarantine tents even in the current crisis.

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The best? We, as a German canopy tent manufacturer, can guarantee shortest delivery times for triage tents as well as quarantine tents. Strong partners support customers even during crises.

Trust RUKUevent and contact an expert directly.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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