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Assembly the pegs on the lawn

Canopy Tent Fastening: How Easy It Works

Choose from canopy tent weights and pegs!

For a safe outdoor use of a canopy tent, suitable fastening material is required. Proper fastening guarantees absolute stability and protects the tent from strong winds and bad weather conditions.

Two ways to fasten the canopy tent

For an optimal stand, the folding gazebo should be fastened either with specially designed leg weights or fastening kit consisting of tensioning straps and pegs. The ground surface is crucial in determining which type of fastener should be used to secure the canopy tent:

  • Solid ground: to secure the gazebo on solid ground, we recommend weights or base plates.
  • Soft ground: To fix the gazebo on soft ground, we recommend fastening sets consisting of tension straps and pegs.

In order to provide maximum stability to the canopy tent, base plates in combination with fastening sets are considered the safest helpers.

The weights for canopy tents

A man assembles the base plate of 25 kg.

The weight plates for gazebos are perfect for a hard surface, especially when it comes to stabilising them on the terrace (without drilling) or balcony. Of course, also in case the canopy tent is to be fixed on a concrete pavement or asphalt.

These canopy tent weights are available from us:

  • The base plate of 10 kg on a white pavement.

    10 kg Base Plates

    Weights of 10 kg defy wind and weather. The galvanised cast plates are conveniently portable and stackable. Available individually or in sets of 4 and 6.

  • The base plate of 25 kg on a white pavement.

    25 kg Base Plates

    With the weights of 25 kg you won’t have to worry about stormy wind conditions. The  galvanised cast plates are conveniently stackable. Available individually or in sets of 4 and 6.

Tension straps and pegs for canopy tents

The peg is anchored in the meadow. A tension strap is attached to it.

The classic surface on which a canopy tent is standing is a level lawn. The fastening material consisting of pegs and tensioning straps gives the canopy tent a firm stand on the lawn, sand and other unpaved grounds. The fastening kits are available in sets of 4 and 6, matching the number of feet of a folding gazebo.

Securing the tent using pegs and tension straps is simple:

Step 1: Anchor the pegs in the ground with a hammer.

Step 2: Connect the roof corners of the canopy tent with pegs using the carabiners of the tension straps.

Step 3: Fix the tension straps with a clamp lock

Note: When choosing a location, make sure that the ground is firm enough, otherwise the securing will easily come loose again, especially in the rain.

These fastening sets are available from us:

  • The fastening kit with four pegs, a hammer and four tension straps.

    “Profi” Fastening Kit | set of 4

    Consisting of 4 pegs, 4 tension straps and a hammer. Recommended for canopy tents of the sizes 3×3 m and 4.5×3 m due to their four feet.

  • The fastening kit with six pegs, a hammer and six tension straps.

    “Profi” Fastening Kit | set of 6

    Consisting of 6 pegs, 6 tension straps and a hammer. Recommended for canopy tents of the size 6×3 m due to its six feet.

Additional accessories

Further enhance your canopy tent – depending on the purpose and weather conditions – and give it additional stability and functionality.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
Canopy tents by RUKUevent

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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