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Are canopy tents fire retardant?

RUKUevent uses a tent fabric of fire class B1 according to DIN 4102

The polyester fabric of our canopy tents is of very high quality and specially made for tent use. The professional tents are also available with a fire retardant fabric in any colour. This tent fabric complies with fire protection class B1 according to DIN 4102 or EU standard EN 13501 – 1:2002. Both the roof and the side walls can be optionally purchased in the fire retardant fabric quality.

The fire retardant fabric is available for these canopy tent models:
Fire retardant

What are fire retardant fabrics according to B1?

The fire class B1 describes a specific property, namely the fire resistance to the spread of fire, which means that the building materials of this class may not continue to burn independently after the removal of an ignition source.

For indoor as well as outdoor events, we recommend the use of canopy tents classified as fire retardant according to B1. This prevents visitors from being exposed to increased danger. Already many fire departments and rescue services trust in the certified tents of RUKUevent.

This is how canopy tents are tested for fire class B1

Accredited testing institutes test and classify the products according to the applicable standard. During the test in the fire shaft, 1 m long samples are flamed at the lower end for 10 minutes and the flame height achieved is tested. In addition, it is measured how the heat and smoke developed during burning. The sample must not be smaller than 15 cm after the test. For the classification in class B1 the small fire test has to be performed as well, where a sample is exposed to a small flame for 15 seconds.

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