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Limburg dart championships at Summer Games 2018

Summer, sun, holiday mood

35°C, 50,000 visitors and countless tons of sand. No – we are not somewhere far away in the Caribbean but at Limburg/Lahn. For the 14th time, the city held the annual Summer Games.

Best entertainment

While the weather at last year’s Summer Games was rainy without mercy, this year’s Games had sun beyond all measure. On Fridays, the magical limit of 30°C was surpassed. The Neumarkt had been transformed into a sandy beach; the visitors relaxed in the colourful sun-loungers and enjoyed cool drinks.

At Neumarkt, there also was the big stage, where different artists and bands entertained the masses with music and shows. Many free time and sports activities took place during these days: Apart from volleyball and soccer matches, the Limburg dart championships were held at Werkstatt shopping mall. On Sundays, another highlight attracted the visitors: the popular dragon boat race on the river Lahn.

Canopy tents in the whole city

At the city centre, there were several advertising and sales booths, where they offered hands-on activities for the children, you could win different prices and where you could get a cool drink against the summer heat.

As a long-standing sponsor of this cross-generational festival, we had set up many atento canopy tents in the city, which were then made available to the participants of the Summer Games.

The event was a total success and we are already looking forward to 2019, when the Caribbean is coming back to Limburg once again.

Visitors of the Summer Games 2018 at Limburg
Red canopy tent on a grey background.
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