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Repairs & replacement parts

Should a repair be necessary, RUKU will be your service-oriented partner.

  • Our repair service

    RUKU products are high-grade, long-lasting quality products that are especially designed for professional and frequent use.

    Should, however, the need for a repair arise, our products can mostly be repaired effortlessly by the customer. Due to the long-term warranty on our spare parts, you may choose the neccessary replacement part from a wide range.

    Is there a problem with your product which you cannot fix by yourself? We’ll be happy to repair it, so that you can continue using it with satisfaction.

Our replacement parts service

At need, spare parts are constantly available.

  • Replacement parts for canopy tents

    In order to identify the defective part and corresponding replacement part, please read the article number that can be found on it (only available for atento series 43). Tell us this article number and we’ll send you the correct spare part.

  • Replacement parts for folding furniture

    Should the base frame of your folding table or bench be defective, we recommend making contact directly with our staff. Please tell them the exact model that you possess.

  • Replacement parts for beer pavilions

    If you are in need of spare parts for your pavilion, please contact our staff directly. Please have all information on the model (hexagon, octagon, square design) and batch number (to be found at the door element)-

We are pleased to advise you personally

  • RUKU - company with great tradition

    Your partner when it comes to canopy tents and folding furniture. Read more about our company and our quality standards.

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