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Farbverlauf der 12 Standardfarben für den atento Faltpavillon von RUKU. Der Farbverlauf zeigt die lagernden 12 Stofffarben.

Show your true colours – with atento

Do you also belong to those who do not only depict everything in black and white? Then you’ve found the perfect partner – with our Atento folding tents you can show your true colours and create a unique eye-catcher!

Dozens of possibilities

For your version of the tent roof and side walls of your atento folding tent, you face a range of 12 different standard colours to choose from.

How about a vibrant red that is eye-catching at any occasion? Or a sunny yellow that already shines from far away? If you prefer muted colours, you may rather choose a fine appearing ecru or a stylish dark grey. Of course, all visible Velcro, fleece and bordering tapes will be adapted to the chosen colour in order to ensure a uniform look.

Hellblauer atento Faltpavillon von RUKU in der Größe 3x3 m mit geschlossener Seitenwand.

It’s getting even more colourful

No matter which colour you choose – with the various printing options, we add some more colour: writings and logos can be realized by using thermal transfer foil printing – for full print and photorealistic images, the innovative sublimation printing method is the right one.

Let your creativity run free and create your very own folding tent: in cooperation with you, our in-house graphics team designs individual solutions, geared to your CI-design and implements them professionally in our printing facility. Contact us now and bring colour into play!

Grüner atento Faltpavillon von RUKU der Größe 3x3 m mit geschlossener Seitenwand.
Roter atento Faltpavillon von RUKU der Größe 3x3 m.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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