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  • RUKUevent is partnered with BBU'01

    Game, basket and victory. As sponsor of the Ulm team, RUKUevent is once again involved in the current season – with just as much fighting spirit and heart and soul as the team itself. We proudly stand behind the motivated players and cheer along at their games.

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    RUKUevent dribbles along

    RUKUevent is official sponsor of the BBU’01 ratiopharm Ulm and was also present at the opening of the Orange Academy. With our design sets “Lago” we are present there from now on and will create a comfortable place on the terrace of the gastronomy in the Orange Academy for one or the other.

    In addition, our canopy tents will also be present at various events.

    We are looking forward to a great and successful season with the BBU’01!

    © Image: Harry Langer/DeFodi.eu


  • Fascination, joy and power: Michael Winter

    He has gasoline in his blood – a lot of it… In the life of the passionate dragster racer Michael Winter everything revolves around horsepower and speed.

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    His vehicle: A FIA Pro Modified Dragster with up to 4000 HP and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in unbelievable 0.8 seconds.

    Racing fast – even off the race track

    f you love your car, put it in a garage. If you are on the road a lot, you need a mobile alternative. Probably the fastest solution: a canopy tent from RUKUevent. Michael Winter’s 8×4 m canopy tent recently impressively demonstrated its ability to be assembled and dismantled in seconds during the first test runs of the 1 on 1 Motorsport Quatermile Race in Bad Sorbernheim.

    © pictures: Michael Winter

  • Hot Chocolate Winter Run

    RUKUevent supported the Hot Chocolate Winter Run on 29 February 2020 in Frankfurt and on 8 March 2020 in Berlin with a large number of 100 % waterproof canopy tents. Even though the weather forecast promised the best running weather, it could be guaranteed that the sugary event would not fall through.

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    When speed is required off the race track as well…


    RUKUevent’s canopy tents can be set up without any tools and in two minutes. Our sales consultant convinced with his speed both when setting up the many canopy tents – and as a runner on the race track.

    © pictures: Fotografie Julia Litzenberger – Hot Chocolate Winter Run

  • Luca Link: The young racer on the hunt for the podium

    The 15-year-old Luca Link from Reisenburg puts the pedal to the metal with his kart – and with success. From an early age, the young Luca is enthusiastic about the fast companions and wants to become a professional racing driver.

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    A goal that he pursues with the greatest ambition and which he gets closer to with every race. Only recently, the young talent of the karting scene has again demonstrated his skills: At the SAKC in Bopfingen and the Kart Masters in Ampfing he stood at the top of the podium.


    RUKUevent is at the starting line

    Recently Luca has been accompanied by a RUKUevent canopy tents; from training session to training session and from race to race. His canopy tentn can be assembled and disassembled very quickly and is easy to transport – the perfect companion for him and his beloved karts.

    We wish you, dear Luca, all the best and good luck for the next races!

    © Pictures: Luca Link

  • The Sudenburg Run: From runners for runners

    He is carried by enthusiasm, he shows how much fun running is, he manages to put a smile on the lips of every single participant – we are talking about the Sudenburg Run.

    On 24.08.2019, for the 17th time, the Sudenburg Run has set itself the goal of encouraging people to run in the middle of the city – the fun of running is the most important thing. So put on your shoes, smile and off you go!

    RUKUevent is at the starting line

    Because we also wanted to put a smile on the faces of the runners, spectators and organisers, we supported this sporting event with our sponsoring tents. Whether as a place of retreat for the participants or as a waterproof roofing for spectators in bad weather, the canopy tents were skilfully used by the organisers in the starting area of the Sudenburg Run.

    © pictures: Sudenburg bewegt e.V.

  • Dennis Ulbrich: On course for success with Ulbrich Racing

    Dennis Ulbrich from Ulbrich Racing shows how it’s done – his sponsoring canopy tent is ready for use in just a few steps. Just like his motocross motorcycle. We wish good luck for the upcoming racing events!

  • Philipp Schad: Chainsaw art at the highest level

    Creativity, passion – and a chainsaw. That’s all Philipp Schad needs to conjure up great works of art from a supposedly “lifeless” piece of wood.

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    Canopy tent as presentation platform

    He carves wooden fountains, garden benches and birdhouses from a variety of local woods. But the hobbyhorse are the detailed sculptures: wolves, eagles, owls – and even famous heads. The chainsaw artist has already secured a world record with a bear that is almost 10 m tall.

    To ensure that he can always present himself and his works at events in the best possible way, regardless of the weather, we support him with a printed 4.5x3m canopy tent from RUKUevent. If necessary, he can close the tent with the help of side walls – for live carvings he can simply take them off again.

    Thanks to the advertising print, the canopy tent is the perfect presentation platform for the productive woodworker. He is always on the road in Ulm and the surrounding area to demonstrate his skills live – the robust frame of the pro line is perfectly suited for regular use – he has found a reliable partner in the RUKUevent canopy tents.

    © pictures: Philipp Schad

  • Anne Haisch: On two wheels to the top

    The will to win, stamina and a whole lot of passion – Anne Haisch has everything you need for success in the downhill.

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    Exceptional talent on the road to success

    We were able to get to know the bright 19-year-old as an extremely likeable and sporty young woman. She discovered her love for two-wheelers of a special kind at an early age: she is a passionate downhill rider.

    Thanks to her great sporting achievements, she has now made it to the highest professional league for women and is doing fantastically well there. Due to her good performances during the Europa Cup race she even qualified for the next World Cup season.

    Support by RUKUevent

    To be perfectly equipped during the numerous racing events, we sponsored two 3x3m printed canopy tents for the athlete. On the side walls we immortalized all sponsors for Anne.

    The high-quality canopy tents of the max line are perfectly suited for use in frequently changing locations and offer reliable protection for the bikes. In addition, the canopy tents can be used as rest areas and meetings.

  • Jana Stier: With the kart to the top

    In the last few weeks we had the pleasure to welcome Mrs. Jana Stier at our headquarters. The likeable eighteen-year-old developed a great passion for racing at an early age and has been making a name for herself in the karting scene since 2014.

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    Pit stop at HBS

    On her way to the next racing weekend, she made a short pit stop in Hesse to pick up a brand-new canopy tent for motor sports with the dimensions 3×4.5 m, which from now on complements the racing equipment in the paddock and serves as a roof for the kart and as a mobile workshop.

    Also in the luggage: Of course the red and white racing kart with the number 419, the matching racing overalls as well as the entire family, which is not only always there to support the young driver, but also supports her on a professional level.

    At full throttle towards your destination

    Anyone who wants to get infected by racing fever and cheer on Mrs. Stier from the audience will still have the chance to visit the Rotax Max Challenge at Erftlandring in Kerpen (NRW) on October 14 and 15

    We wish you all the best and accident-free driving for the upcoming races. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a victorious 2018 season!

  • Kevin Röttger: Supermoto - more than just a hobby

    The neon yellow Husqvarna with the number 7 shoots over the Harz-Ring, passes the competitors one by one and then skilfully makes its way to the top. The driver: Kevin Röttger – a young exceptional talent in the Supermoto IDM of the class S4 North.

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    In the first season, as the leader in the championship, Kevin could not participate in 2 runs due to injury, but still managed to place 3rd in the S4 North in the last race. In the following shootout north against south he became the best of the north group at the Harz-Ring and was able to prevail successfully against numerous drivers.

    Racing sponsored by HBS

    When the passionate racing sportsman is not exactly taking off on the track and collecting successes, the bike is of course being worked on and tinkered with in order to get the best possible performance out of the bike.

    As a mobile garage and track marshal, this year we have provided him with a canopy tent for motor sports of the size 6×3 m, which with the innovative aluminum profile made of aluminum always meets the highest demands. The light blue side walls protect against wind and weather – panorama windows made of PVC still allow a view into the interior of the tent.

    Successful career…

    The ambitious sportsman may be celebrated this year also still as a vice world champion in the long distance world championship. He is also active off the race track and knows how to market himself: On his Instagram account kev95_official he keeps more than 45,000 followers up to date about his sporting career. We are convinced that there will be more titles to come in the future and are happy to accompany the talented athlete with professional equipment on his way to the top.


    © pictures: C. Röttger

  • Food Bank Neubrandenburg: Food for the needy

    Bread, noodles, fruit, vegetables and much more… Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hard-working helpers of the food bank Neubrandenburg distribute food to socially and economically disadvantaged people.

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    Food that was actually intended for the garbage. Foods that – thanks to the table – bring a little balance to a world between abundance and absolute lack.

    Around 25 tons of this surplus, but qualitatively perfect food is made available to the approx. 1,500 people in total week after week for collection at the Neubrandenburg distribution center in return for a small donation. And thus make the everyday life of many of those affected much easier.

    On the move with RUKUevent

    A 2×2 m large sponsoring tent by RUKUevent will be used as a roofing in the future when the food bank Neubrandenburger is on its way to the surrounding villages with the van packed with food to reach all those affected by the lack of food.

  • SG Bomhardschule Uffenheim e. V: The MTB race in Weigenheim

    In the summer of 2017, the SG Bomhardschule Uffenheim, a registered association, hosted the MTB Cross Country Race in Weigenheim for the seventh time – one of a total of seven races in the course of the Schwenninger MTB-Frankencup 2017.

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    Biking at the gateway to the wine paradise

    The summit of the Kapellberg was the main venue. From there the route led through an idyllic vineyard landscape – up to 23.9 km were covered and up to 610 meters of altitude difference were overcome. The mountain bikers’ time was measured with the help of state-of-the-art transponder technology.

    The mountain is also considered the gateway to the wine paradise of Franconia – every year numerous hikers start from here on the 19 km long Wine Paradise Trail, which leads to Nenzenheim.

    Sponsoring tents for the SBU

    Just in time for the race event, we handed over two sponsoring tents of the max line with an additional, customer-specific print. The organisers were thus able to use a canopy tent of the size 4.5×3 m as well as a tent of the size 6×3 m during the race and to attract attention off the race track with the eye-catching Bike Sprint Franken logo. The tents were also used in September for the so-called Bärenloch-Bike in Herrieden.

    The canopy tents were purchased by the local action groups Südlicher Steigerwald, Erlebenswelt Roth and Region Hesselberg within the cooperation project Bike-Erlebnis-Mittelfanken – with the aim of promoting rural areas. In the course of this project, new MTB competition venues are also being built in Herrieden, Spalt and Uffenheim, which will be the venue for numerous upcoming events, where the canopy tents will also be used frequently.

  • STEER Motorsport: Polo, PS and... a canopy tent

    On the fairground in Schweinfurt the heart of every car enthusiast was opened last weekend – about 40 exhibitors showed at the car leisure sports fair what they have to offer. With around 600 vehicles – including both new and used cars – there was something for everyone. Motor homes and motorcycles could be inspected in the best weather as well.

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    STEER at the start

    But the highlight par excellence was not a two-wheeler or a sparkling new car or a VW Beetle filled with balloons for a raffle. Oh no. The highlight was “Abby”, who attracted everyone’s attention.

    Abby – that is the name of the Power Polo from STEER Motorsport. In the new, black-red design the bolide presented itself to the onlookers and also allowed a look under the hood. The car showed quite a lot of horsepower – of course you need that to compete in various hill climbs or the German racing slalom championship.

    Sponsoring by HBS

    After some technical upgrades Abby is “back on track” again and more than ready for the upcoming 2017 season. The racing team around boss and driver Uwe “Randy” Rindt has really done a great job. And so that this work can be appropriately appreciated not only at trade fairs but also at future events, we have handed over a 6×3 m canopy tent for motor sports to Team Rindt just in time for the start of the Auto-Freizeit-Sport 2017.

    From now on, the Polo will stand well protected from wind and weather under the robust canopy tent with its red side walls and awaits its next racing events. We wish the team all the best and a successful, accident-free racing season!

  • MSC Steingaden: From the pole position directly to the podium

    The kart slalom team of the Steingaden motorsport club, a registered association of the ADAC, is “in the lead” again. The young team can look back on a more than successful 2016 season with various top rankings.

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    This dynamic team is the pride and joy of the 350-member club, which has been involved in a wide range of motor sports since 1971. On the club’s own training grounds, the young drivers hone their skills twice a week and prepare for upcoming competitions.

    Strong team – strong partner

    This year alone, the kids have recorded numerous victories. But what does it take to be so successful in kart slalom? Quite clearly – a strong team. But at least as important is a strong sponsoring partner! This is exactly why team supervisor Norbert Heichele is relying on the canopy tents for motor sports of HBS GbmH in this and in the coming sports season as well. From the very beginning he was convinced by the top quality and the comprehensive service, which included obliging advice.

    “[…] Our team can be very proud to have found such a reliable and ambitious sponsor in you and the house of Ruku-Atento – especially thanks to your commendable commitment […]” N. Heichele

    Always and everywhere at hand

    Since May we have been supporting the team with a versatile folding tent for motor sports. Whether as a track marshal, weather protection, pit stop or simply as a meeting point for the whole team – the canopy tent is always and everywhere immediately ready for use. Due to its low weight, the tent can be transported quickly and easily and has become an indispensable part of karting equipment.

    The tent is also ideal as a collection and catering point. Under the water-repellent roof the riders can gather before the competitions to gain concentration and prepare mentally.

    Teamfoto als Dankeschön

    At this point we would like to thank you again for the great photo we received as a thank you for the sponsoring partnership. It now adorns our field office in Illertissen. We are already keeping our fingers crossed for the entire kart slalom team for the coming season, so that they can seamlessly follow on from this year’s successes.

    Look nevertheless also once on the association Website past: Under www.msc-steingaden.de you find all important information approximately around the MSC Steingaden!

  • Now it becomes sporty - HBS cooperates with vereinsleben.de

    From now on it will be sporty at HBS GmbH – we start our cooperation with vereinsleben.de! Under the motto “We. Live. Sport”, the community website launched in 2015 offers all sports enthusiasts an interactive exchange platform.

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    Clubs can register free of charge and generate an online presence with which they can publish their activities, training times and successes. The club profile enables them to advertise their own activities and helps them grow. Sports enthusiasts can create their own profile to follow the activities of their favorite clubs and exchange information with other members about everything to do with sports.

    With us, the clubs arm themselves

    We are pleased that we can now participate in this great project and have directly prepared top offers for the start of the partnership:

    Registered clubs will receive a fabulous 15% discount on our entire product range when placing an order with the discount code VEREINSLEBEN. And it gets even better: This offer is valid until the end of the year!

    But that was not everything – a further offer expects the vereinsleben.de Community: We supply it with new standing tables – and at the absolute hammer price! Until April 15, 2017 the community members will receive our standing table “Preishammer” at a special price by indicating the action code PREISHAMMER – they save over 30% compared to the regular price. It pays to be quick – the offer is limited to 100 pieces!

  • Kids Festival 2018

    This year a very big event for our youngest guests took place in Kalmitbad Maikammer – in cooperation with numerous sponsors and clubs Andreas Trischmann organised the Kids Festival.

    The aim of the event was to generate generous profits and donations for our youngest.

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    The aim of the event was to generate generous profits and donations for our youngest.

    Support for the youth

    The amount generated will benefit four regional associations that are highly involved in child and youth work. These associations, which often only act “in secret” and mostly rely on volunteers, were rightly the focus of attention throughout the event and used the day to present their work in depth.

    A colorful supporting program with many activities and delicious food enthused young and old. Not only did the numerous visitors gladly reach into their pockets for the good cause, but also various artists immediately declared their willingness to contribute to the event with musical elements.

    Bar tables for the good cause

    Already in the run-up to the event, Mr. Trischmann diligently went looking for sponsors. We were directly convinced of his great project. The organiser with a big heart for the little ones infected us with his vigour and so we decided to produce free printed bar tables for the event.

    We are very happy that we were able to help Mr. Trischmann with this showcase project and hope that the next Kids Festival will be a complete success too.

  • RUKUevent brand promise

    Furniture and canopy tents from RUKUevent are, thanks to excellent materials and processing, very resistant and durable and reliably fulfil their purpose – for decades.

  • The staff of RUKUevent takes the contact details of a customer.
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