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Tao garden opened in the Munich zoo Hellabrunn – RUKU is part of it

After an extensive, six months lasting renovation phase, the “Tao garden” opened in the zoo Hellabrunn on 27 July 2016. The former “Löwenkiosk” now has a new, Far Eastern look.

In cooperation with the architecture office Thomsen & Fried, Able Gastronomie realized a pavilion following the example of an Asian tea house – adapted to our climate and the purpose of the building. During construction, they only used materials which also find application for Asian building products – such as wood, natural stone, wooden shingles and copper.

RUKU furniture sets give special charm

While searching for appropriate folding tables and benches for the Asian style kiosk, Able Gastronomie found the perfect solution with RUKU Klappmöbel. The Lago table and bench set – a design furniture set made from oak wood, foldable and modern – was exactly what they had in mind. The no-frills design of these sets harmonizes perfectly with the stylish building and the dreamlike surroundings, which were also redesigned during the renovation. The turtles’ outdoor enclosure, and the square between the lions’, elephants’ and turtles’ enclosure now shine in new, Far Eastern splendor.

A short trip to Asia

The new opened kiosk, surrounded by 1,700 speciose and thematically matching plants, can accommodate 200 persons and invites to take a closer look at the Asian culture. While taking a rest on our Lago folding benches, you can enjoy Asian noodles as well as regional food and a carefully chosen selection of snacks for the small hunger. In addition to that, you can also have a coffee and cake. The folding furniture sets are the best spot in order to watch pandas, elephants, lions and turtles without being disturbed.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
atento canopy tents by RUKU

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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