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Environmental Certificate: Der Grüne Punkt

Our company always strives to make a valuable contribution to climate protection... In 2020, we were awarded the environmental certificate titled "Der Grüne Punkt" for this respect.

Der Grüne Punkt in Detail

“Der Grüne Punkt” is a globally protected trademark. As the first dual system worldwide, it has been recycling used packaging since 1991 and recovering raw materials from it for the economic cycle. The environmental certificate determines the individual savings of companies in 5 impact categories, such as greenhouse gases or crude oil equivalents, as well as the overall recycling performance achieved for packaging.

By continuously optimizing services and processes, “Duales System Deutschland GmbH” aims to keep more and more recyclable materials in closed cycles and thus make a decisive contribution to conserving environmental resources and limiting greenhouse gases.

A worker mounts the base plate to the aluminum profile of the canopy tent. The picture also shows the logo

Our Savings in 2020

By participating in the Dual System for the recycling of sales packaging, we contributed to the following savings in 2020:

  • CO2 equivalents: 4,469 kg
  • Crude oil equivalents: 2,010 kg
  • Phosphate equivalents: 6 kg
  • Primary energy: 335,241 MJ
  • Sulphur dioxide equivalents: 16 kg

The amount of CO2 avoided by our contribution is equivalent to the amount that 4,469 m² of forest filters from the air in one year.

Red canopy tent on a grey background.
Canopy tents by RUKUevent

Our high-quality canopy tents in German brand quality are convincing due to their unique folding construction.

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